Armour App

We use the Armour App to help us manage our team and workload. Amour app is a revolutionary new app designed by Lyndon, the owner of LRM Security based In Kendal. Lyndon has used his many years of experience in the security industry to create a tool that will streamline and professionalise your security solution.

Armour App automates staff management and duties meaning that all team members know where they should be and what they should be doing at all times.

It also gives a client management portal meaning that our customers can easily book in and manage our bespoke security solutions at the push of a button.

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Police Standard Body Cameras

All our team wear the same body cameras worn by most UK Police forces. Using this technology ensures that our team maintains the very highest standards. It also means that should something flare up every second is caught on camera, protecting your customers and property.

The cameras also act as a deterrent, meaning that people at your event or busy bar will be hesitant to cause any issues.