What is Key Holding and Alarm Response?

Simply put Key Holding is a service where we have a copy of your keys and attend your property should there be a need or request to. Alarm response is a service often combined with Key Holding where we will attend the property after being alerted by yourself or a smart alarm and attend and secure the property if needed.

How does it work?

It’s simple you provide us a key and we keep it in a secure location for when/if the need arises. This can be for a range of reasons such as letting a decorator in whilst you’re on holiday to responding to an alarm at 3am in the morning.

Who is it for?

Key holding and alarm response is suitable for a huge variety of people, and we can create a service that is bespoke to you. Say you’re a homeowner who works away a lot, you could need someone to keep a copy of your keys for emergencies, or say you run a warehouse that is left empty at night and don’t want to attend the property should the alarm go off in the early hours. We even provide alarm response and porter services for hotels in Cumbria should their customers need assistance night or day.

Is it safe?

Yes, all our team are SIA certified and are trained to the highest industry standard. Should your alarm go off our team are available 24-7 across Cumbria, so day or night you know you will have a trained professional at your house or business very quickly.

How do you benefit?

Often business and homeowners are the main key holders. If you’re not available or not wanting to attend that can mean an alarm going unanswered for hours at a time. If the worst was to happen, attending a crime scene can also be dangerous, so sending a trained professional can be a safer option. All our patrols also carry equipment for securing a property should a window have been smashed or a door damaged. We provide complete peace of mind and a safe way or securing your home or business should the worst happen.

I don’t have an alarm can I still have Key Holding?

Absolutely, we will only attend your property when you request us to. If you are wanting an alarm we work with a network of partners who can provide you a solution to provide additional peace of mind.

I don’t have an alarm can I still have Key Holding?

We currently cover Cumbria and Lancashire, we do this to keep our response times as low as possible to and  updates as quickly as possible.

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